It has taken way too long for me to finally get this written. I don’t like writing them! How many people actually READ them? They’re typically plenty boring for my to write. Anyway, I have been blogging for as long as I can remember. My very first website was over at Angelfire or Geocities or one of those worthless places. I was in 10th grade…that would be…let’s see… 12 years ago!? It’s very hard to believe how far I have come in life since then. I would have killed to have screen print copies of that place, you know?

Today, I’m happy. I’ve recently turned 28. Which makes me semi-nervous, because I’m so close to 30, but I have plenty of bloggy friends who recently have turned this age. They are still fabulous, so I know I will be, too.

I most recently posted this website address on, say, my Facebook, for friends and family in real life to see. Not sure if anyone has landed here quite yet, but if so “HI!” and if NOT? Then I’m just lucky they haven’t found it yet! HA!

If the need comes up, I may put entries under password protection. The reason? If I want to whine about things I’m not sure I’m comfortable for those in my real life to know about…then I have to kind of hide it. A little. For my own sanity. If you want my password, contact me for it. If I know you in real life, though, I may not necessarily give it to you. Just so you know.
Whatever. Enjoy!