I’m not really sure what happened here. Maybe the wine?

Okay. Fair warning: I’m doing that mature, grown-up thing where you get drunk by yourself and eat your own weight in gourmet sushi in a hotel room. Wait – that’s not a mature, grown-up thing to do? Well it should be because it’s fucking fantastic and what else is a guy to do just a few days before entering the far less attractive second half of his twenties? Just let me eat my goddamn drunk sushi and pretend it’s A Thing, okay?

Yep. I’m turning 26 on Saturday. That in itself isn’t really a big deal. Once you’re through that whole phase where birthdays mean stuff (I can drive now! I can drink now! I can vote now! Sleeping with teenagers is a felony now!), they kinda just become a day where people have to be nice to you. Now don’t get me wrong, that’s totally cool by me, but this year the birthday is being trumped by a few other much more important celebrations. For example, it also means that the newf and I have been together for five years which, given the fact that both of our lives have done complete 180s from where we started, makes me really proud. It’s not easy to grow without growing apart, you know?

My birthday is also a sign that my five-year blogging anniversary is just around the corner.

Five years. I’ve been reading some of you for FIVE YEARS. On the other hand, that means that some of you have been reading me for five years. I just…I mean…what?! Some of you have been more constant in my life than my jobs and homes. It’s true! Me spending five years with this blog is one thing; spending five years with some of you is a whole other deal that, quite frankly, is blowing me away right now. It doesn’t make any sense! It goes against everything they say about our generation: that we have short attention spans, that we’re becoming more self-centered, that we are forgetting how to be social…but yet here we all are.

Suck it, sociologists. When’s the last time a ‘stranger’ sent you an email for no other reason than to brighten your day? Keep pretending you’ll be Indiana Jones someday…

Yes, this is probably all thanks to that college poured glass of wine I had but I’m just all shmoopy and thankful for all of you. Not just the ones that have been here since the beginning, but every one of you who took the time to reach out, every one of you who inspired me in your own way, and every one of you who have supported whatever it is that I’m doing here. With all that said, my commitment is to try to be even more supportive of all of you.

No–I can’t say I’m going to read every one of your blogs and every one of your posts, but I can be more vocal about how freaking rockstar I think you all are. And there’s no better time than the present to put my money where my mouth is.