Too much! Everything! AHHH!

Whoa guys. Just…whoa. Can we talk about how 2023 has essentially been such an unpredictable beast that I feel like I’ve been living a condensed version of Whitney Houston’s career that replays from start to finish every two months or so? And it doesn’t even come with the fun, neon-infused, big hair music videos. At least not yet.

Things are happening. Things I can’t reeeaaally talk about but I’d reeeaaally like to. So just keep that in mind. It might look quiet on the blog front but behind the scenes I’m running around like an America’s Next Top Model contestant with the fire of Tyra’s rage under her stilettos who doesn’t know how to work a map or read a street sign on Go-See Day.

(When I’m not running around as mentioned in that example, I’m making sweet love to a PVR library that essentially confirms My Super Sweet Sixteen-Year-Old Status and at least gives you context for what’s sure to be a drastic increase in pop culture references over the next few weeks. Will anyone get my Vampire Diaries jokes? Probably not. But those people are missing out on a cast full of do-ables.)

That’s it really. Not much to say otherwise except I’ll be bringing blogging back over the next few weeks to balance out the do-goodery of my Warchild posts. I can promise more detailed descriptions on how to kind-heartedly deceive your spouse, the events contributing to my massive increase in wine consumption, and my daily commitments to being more like the young, hot office bitches.

So basically business as usual. Thanks for hanging in while I pull my shit together.