Blind Item: Save this wedding

Alright friends, it’s time to pitch in to help one of our own who needs some advice. Since this 20-something, Pittsburgh blogger’s family keeps an eye on her blog, she’s come over to the Rollercoaster for some under the radar input.

Here’s the situation, this wonderful woman is on the cusp of marriage to her her merman in October. Her sister is supposed to be in the wedding but there is one problem. A big problem. Her sister is suicidal, back into her drug addiction, and refuses to check herself into the psych hospital–as per her doctor’s advice.

The blogger asks: “How do I kick my sister out of the wedding party without contributing to her already unstable mental state? In addition to her drug addiction, she’s also bipolar. My family has been dealing with this for years and to be honest I’m just completely numb to it now. I feel nothing except pity and compassion for my parents who are on the brink of a breakdown themselves.”

Right. It’s go-time. Any advice is good advice. Just be sensitive, understanding and supportive like I know you can be and help put our friend’s mind at ease.