Let me be real for a moment.

Angry. That’s pretty much what I feel right now. PURE ANGER. I can’t believe I had to turn down the job of a lifetime. The job I had an AMAZING interview with. Before I even got offered the job. And that SUCKS. I’m TRYING to be the un-selfish spouse. TRYING. But dang it. I feel like every single good thing that happens to come my way is totally ruined by the fact that Dan can’t get a job as easily. EVERY SINGLE FREAKING TIME I have tried to get a job in another state, it NEVER works as well for him.

It sucks.

I’m not angry at Dan. I’m just angry at…I don’t know…GOD? Life?? The universe?? NO CLUE.

But the job I wanted isn’t looking for a traveler at this time. Not that that couldn’t change, he said. But still.


That’s all.