Decision Made

So! Today is a new day! And I’m not admitting defeat. But we made a decision for me to go ahead and come home for now. Last night we had decided to not give up. But when I woke up this morning, I didn’t like the way I felt about this decision. In order to do what we decided, we’d be getting ourselves too tight financially.

Theres some debt in our lives that would make things feel too tight. They wouldn’t be too bad bit I want a fresh start in our new location. (I used to not do a great job handling things financially and I am working on those past mistakes.) This is not a decision to give up.

I will be taking travel jobs in Michigan so I am close to my love and my family an friends. It will allow me to make enough money to pay stuff off. For us to build a larger savings. To fix up the house the way it should be. To sell it. We love this part of Colorado and are GOING TO COME BACK.

No doubt in my mind about that. I’m so glad I landed here and we are amazed that this area is not what we pictured. It’s freaking awesome. Within a couple of years, this is where we will be. I feel it in my heart. It was a hard decision. Very hard. But it feels right!!!