Accidental Job Opportunities (PS: NETWORK, YO!)

Randomly on Wednesday, I decided to do a little Google detective work. Obviously, I had been in bed most of the week, and was getting bored out my ever loving MIND. I started wondering what other opportunities were to be had in the this section of Colorado. I hadn’t ever considered this area before, so I haven’t even come close to seeing everything there was to offer.

I mean, what happens if I’m not sure I want to turn this current job into something permanent? I like it so far, but I have to think about whether its something I want to turn into a long term commitment. Could I do the same thing over and over again, day in and day out? It’s not so bad, but really…Could I?

I still have that desire inside to do more with upper extremity rehabilitation. Earlier this year, I applied for the Texas Women’s University Post Grad certificate in UER. Darn it all, I DID miss the cut off date to start the program in the spring, but I’m hoping to hear in the fall if I can start in January. It’s mostly online — I’d also have the opportunity to travel there once per class for different workshops and hands on things. So I’m excited about that!

But anyway…Back to my Google detective work. I started doing research on Hand Therapy in this area. Which led me to a Facebook page of a local clinic. It doesn’t appear they have a webpage — just the Facebook. So I decided to make a comment on the page. Something along the lines of being an OT, being new to the area, blah blah blah, great facility! Seriously though, it did look like a fantastic clinic, from the info and things that I saw on the page, as well as the pictures.

One thing led to another, and within a few comments, I was meeting today with the owner!! I DID in fact go this afternoon after work. I met with another OT, got a little tour of the facility, had a great time chatting about my experience and the plan is for me to come and observe a number of times, since I’m here in this area for another 10 weeks anyway. They also want to get to know ME better and make sure I’m ready for a big move commitment — by making sure I even LIKE the place first. The conversation went SO GREAT!! I sent off my actual resume a bit ago to them.

No promise at this point of a job opportunity anyway, but there’s a good chance that it could lead there. It will be expanding at some point, the clinic, and they want to be ready with another OT. This is very exciting, so keep your thoughts and prayers with Dan and I.

Our biggest issue right now is HIS job situation. We need to make sure that he lands something, too, to put the icing on this cake.

But seriously…Be fearless like me…Do something weird like contact a company via their FACEBOOK should they have no other fantastic way to do so! I felt weird doing it, but I knew I had to get my foot in SOMEHOW. Sometimes you have to just NETWORK in order to get where you want to go….)