Sick. Alone.

Besides having an upset stomach situation over Christmas and a similar situation in…2017….I haven’t had a true stomach bug since April 2021. Yes, I know exactly when I last had a stomach bug. I’m a freak. Get over it. Between that date and June 17, 2021, I had not thrown up even ONCE. The situation in June? It was called “Took my boards and drank too much to celebrate my nervousness” syndrome. I barely drink much because of the fact that I’m afraid something like that will happen. UGH.

I finally had the lovely chance to experience a TRUE stomach bug this week. With things coming back up. UGH. I do NOT do vomiting. I just don’t. Well, ok. So I do, it appears.

Monday was a rough day to begin with. I felt like I had barely slept the night before, thanks to daylight savings time and me obsessively checking my clock that entire night. Then I got up late, rushed to work late, and felt OFF the entire day. I felt anxious, but nothing I was doing to help my anxiety was working. I didn’t feel like eating. And I thought maybe I felt off because of low blood sugar, but even eating didn’t help that. I still felt craptastic. Tired, lightheaded, just not myself.

Came home and ate dinner as usual. Not to mention a smudge of cookie dough (I blame either the cookie dough, the salad, or the nurse who was fighting a bug after a weekend of sick…She still wasn’t feeling well Monday). I just felt horrendous. My husband passed it off as I was just tired out. GO TO BED. He shouted.

Needless to say, around 11pm, the bug hit. And I KNEW it was going to hit. I don’t know what’s worse. Actually getting sick, or that anxiety before the getting sick. KNOWING you’re going to but just not sure when your body is going to make it happen.

Thank goodness it only happened once. I happened to have a few phenergan tablets around from previous nauseating experiences. Those things are awesome.

At any rate, I’m pretty pissed off about the whole thing. This is my second week on this contract job and I am hit with a stomach bug. I can get through colds and sinus stuff. But obviously, you can’t try to work with a stomach thing.

I’m at home today for the 2nd day. I still have a headache. I’m still exhausted. I’m still drinking a mixture of orange vitamin water and pedialyte. And I FINALLY ate solid food today. I tried yesterday and it seemed to aggravate the system a bit.

The worse part of this whole experience, besides the fact that it’s jumbled my brain and I’ve written a terrible post…IS THAT MY HUSBAND IS NOT HERE FOR ME. I have been relatively ALONE for the past 2.5 days. I was lucky that my boss stopped by before work yesterday and brought me 7UP and Maalox. I needed something!! ANYTHING! The woman who owns the B&B has been texting me asking to make sure I’m ok and did I need ANYTHING? Although, I have to wonder if the boss came by to make sure I was actually SICK?? Ha!!! Well, I looked like death yesterday, so I know that she believed me. šŸ™‚

But seriously. I am alone. I miss my husband so stinking bad. šŸ™ The worst homesickness comes during the times that you’re feeling the absolute worst. I was so ready yesterday to start packing my car back up. All because I was miserable with the stomach flu. I was laying on the bathroom floor, fighting another round of nausea…talking to Dan on the phone, tears running down my face, calculating the damage this would do to me should I run away now.

I have been up a couple of hours now and need to go back to bed already. I know how pathetic that sounds, but holy headache and exhaustion.