This week is about adding a multivitamin to the mix

Many don’t always think they are the answer. If you’re eating right, why need one!? I take one daily along with the following extra supplements (high quality ones at that):

– D
– B6
– Zinc
– Calcium
– Magnesium
– E
– C
– Omega 3-6-9
– L-theanine (amino acid that is helpful for stress and anxiety)

It’s overwhelming to type that out and it feels like I take a lot of pills! But I’m taking them all for good reason. I started seeing a new doctor for my arm. A more holistic type, for the prolotherapy injections I’m having done. Which I need to do a post on because holy crazy.

This doctor, along with many other holistic osteopaths, feel that proper nutrition is key to healing. If one’s body wasn’t healing correctly, it is often because they are not getting enough of the right nutrients. While my doc does indeed sell his own, I chose to not purchase mine from him (he is fine with us buying on our own though he has certain brands on his list that are no good to buy!).

I also started to recently read a book about the role of diet/nutrition in anxiety and depression. An eye opener that makes a lot of sense. Not new information to me, but a lot of things I have read over time, in a nice little package that makes sense for my life. I am a stressed out individual who has done a number on my body and frankly? My body depletes of certain vitamins a lot faster than a normal person. Any extra vitamins I can get in are essential to my well being.

I’m nervous about taking so many supplements but I’m hoping to see progress soon. With my arm, with my anxiety, everything.

So this challenge to keep up with a multi vitamin, is a cakewalk. Last weeks challenge, that I never mentioned? Was about keeping a positive attitude. I never talked about it because last week, having a positive attitude was the farthest thing from my mind. I’ve been unhappy with my work and my life in general. But this week? Has started off so much better!

I think I will add last weeks challenge to this one. Keep positive…