Today’s Workout – Glutes!

Many years ago, I made an effort to shake things up and keep boredom from happening when it came to working out. I took a binder and took my ever growing pile of magazines then got to work. Pulling out workouts I was interested in and placing them in plastic page covers. I have been doing this off and on since 2012. 10 years!! Every 6-12 months, I do it again. I dump some of the workouts I never tried or found that it was too boring. Then put in new things. In and out.

There are some things in there that haven’t left. The workout above was in Fitness Magazine in February 2014. It never left my favorites. Get it Now: A small, firm butt.

And it burned the gluteus just as much as it always has. Here are the 7 moves for you to try!

  • Ice Skater: Stand arm’s length away from a sturdy chair or other object. Bend forward from the hips until your torso is parallel to the floor. Hold on to the object for balance and keep your abs pulled in to support your lower back. Extend left leg behind you, slightly to the left of center, at hip height. Lift leg up and hold for 1 count. Do 2 sets of 20 lifts; repeat with right leg.
  • Spiral: Sit with left leg bent in front of you, knee pointing forward, and right leg bent behind you. Rotate your right hip forward; this should bring right ankle off the floor. Contract your abs, squeeze the right side of your butt, and try to lift your right knee off the floor. Leaning to the left makes it easier, but you may need a few practice sessions to get it. Do 2 sets of 10 lifts; repeat with left leg.
  • Kneeling Butt Toner: Kneel on a mat with knees hip-width apart. Holding onto a sturdy object, pull in your abs and roll your hips under slightly. Keeping torso straight, lift left knee and press leg directly behind you, not out o the side. Do 2 sets of 20 presses; repeat with right leg.
  • High Angle Pelvic Lift: Lie on your back with feet hip-width apart against a wall or on a charm knees bent 90 degrees so shins are parallel to the floor. Pull abs in and squeeze glutes as you lift hips. Hold for 1 count, then release down to the floor. Do 2 sets of 20 lifts.
  • Standing Barre: Second Position: Position feet about 2 feet wider than your hips, toes angled out. Bend knees and lower hips until thighs are parallel to the floor. Keep torso upright with abs tight; don’t stick your butt out. Raise arms in front of you. Press your knees back as you do 20 strong contractions of your glutes, then stand up and rest. Do 2 more sets of 20 contractions.
  • Prone Leg Extension: Lie facedown with your legs extended. Place a towel or pillow under your hips or use your palms to cushion your hip bones. Bend your right knee 90 degrees and point your toes toward the ceiling. Contract your abs and lift your right leg up — not out to the side — squeezing your glutes tight (movement is small). Hold for 1 count, then lower. Do 2 sets of 20 slow lifts; repeat with left leg. Keep hips pressed to the floor throughout.
  • Standing Glute Lifter/Bent Knee Variation: Stand next to a sturdy chair or counter for balance. Bend left knee 90 degrees, toes pointed. Keep right knee soft. Pull your abs in, drop your tailbone, and press left leg directly behind you. Hold for 1 count, then release. Do 2 sets of 20 lifts, repeat with left leg.