The most WONDERFUL time of the year!

Of course, I’m talking about Christmas. What else would I be talking about? Seriously, though, my favorite time of year is Christmas and it’s my favorite holiday. I love the romanticism of it all. The lights. The smells. The trees. Stockings. And let’s not forget….Picking out Christmas cards.

I used to love trolling the stores looking for the most unique cards. But some of the most unique and beautiful cards were the also the most expensive. And you would have to buy many boxes of them to even hit everyone on your address list.

Some time ago, I had discovered Shutterfly, for both my prints and photo books (I ordered my wedding photos this way!). And after having success with using them for my Christmas cards last year? I decided to go with them again this year — they’ve got so many new designs to choose from! This year, I’m thinking about going with chic, simple, and classic. I almost always choose a sepia or black and white picture and while I was considering color? I will probably do black and white again.