Changing gyms

Finally, after whining and crying for months about how we hate hate hate our gym, Dan and I decided to join a new one. Granted, we’re still locked into the iron clad contract with our gym for maybe another year. (Why is it that nice gyms always have reasonable ways to get out of contracts? With a nice reasonable fee? The crap ones always make you spend an arm and a leg, and want your first born child to get out of it.)

Seriously. The one we were (and are still stuck) at? It was ok when I was in grad school and needed a place to work out (I didn’t have a university parking pass so going to the school’s gym was out of the question. It wasn’t the best place, but it was ok. I’m not sure if they got new owners or new managers or what have you, but the place quickly started to go down in quality.

It got dirty — the carpets, the machines, the locker room. YUCK. The machines started breaking down more often and took longer to fix. They bought some new machines — but not gym quality!!! They bought a few treadmills that I could have bought at Sears — no really — Dan and I saw them there. They were cheap and they were NOT made to handle the use they were going to get. Within 6 months, those were breaking down.

Then they started running even more promotions to get more members. Not sure why because they were always stuffed to the gills. No free cardio machines, NO parking spots. And the promotions got cheaper and cheaper. And so did the people that they were attracting to the place. Not that I’m snobby, but seriously.

A lot of trashy people were coming in…NOT taking care of things around them. Saying nasty, crude things loudly to each other. NOT following the so called rules the place had for wearing wet street shoes on equipment. They weren’t wiping down the machines they just use. Nothing. I have never been so annoyed.

I tried to go to a few of the classes offered. Some were ok, but some were not. They didn’t have the best weight lifting equipment for things like BodyPump. Granted a couple of years ago when I started going, the stuff wasn’t in the WORST shape. But they haven’t replaced anything since! And forget going to a zumba class. The main instructor they have for it? Is NOT a nice person.

She doesn’t seem to realize that there are actually beginners in the class who might never have been there before. She doesn’t exactly say HI. She doesn’t show us the dance moves before getting into them. She just turns the music on and goes. And if you know how crowded a class like that can get, then you know you can’t see what her legs and feet are doing in the first place. I went to that class just once.

Last but not least, I highly suspect their “personal trainers” have nothing more than a highschool diploma under their belt, if that. I do NOT believe any one was certified to be doing what they were doing.

So we decided to change gyms. Planet Fitness opened up near us and we decided to give it a whirl. It is relatively inexpensive, especially for just cardio and strength training equipment — $10 a month per person. Um, yeah!? While it would be nice to find a gym with amenities such as a pool, I’m not desperate for it.

Sure, there aren’t any classes, but if I really want to go to one, I’ll just go to the other gym (HA!) or use a DVD at home (the most likely option). But Planet Fitness has SOOOO much equipment! And it’s all new! And easy to use! While it is mostly filled with college students, it’s totally worth going.

I’m really happy we changed gyms because now I actually look forward to going. Going to the other gym left me always feeling bummed out and feeling disgusted. You can’t fully get the relaxing benefits of exercise if you’re totally feeling depressed while in the gym!

Maybe I’m just too picky. But I made the right choice! (Now to figure out how to get our of our contract at the crap gym).