Oh, hey!

Oh, right! I have a blog šŸ™‚ I barely get through a month of this new blog and I already disappeared for a few days. My last post signaled that I was feeling quite rough about things, about life, and was feeling stressed OUT. I am better, just 6 days later. While I was trying to get off my medication, until I can see my doctor, I’m going to go ahead and wait to quit it. As soon as I started back on it (the lowest dose I was previously on last fall), I felt back to normal again. Not so anxious. Not so crazy. And working out is slowly returning.

I missed writing this week about the the number 4 goal from ’52 Small Changes’. This week was about keeping a food journal regularly. While I did not do it daily, I did it a few days, at least. Next week will be better. Every day I feel more and more like myself again…Which is VERY refreshing. VERY reassuring.

My job isn’t feeling quite as overwhelming this week, which is a good thing, too. There is still a lot I do NOT know and a lot I have left to learn, but I finally feel like its going to be ok.

– – –

In other news…There has been talk between the husband and I about relocation. I’m not going to talk about it in a great deal of detail at this time. Let’s just say that for him? His career can’t grow in the position that he’s in right now. I don’t know if he’s going to start re-evaluating things this year, next year, or in 5 years. You can expect that I will be very vague as we have this talks. You see, the last couple of years, we have been hell bent on moving at some point, but financially, we had not been able to. I feel dumb because we were telling friends and family our plans, and then plans didn’t happen or fell through.

Until I know more for sure and plans are actually IN PLACE AND A GO, I’m barely going to mention it.

Just saying.