I can. I will. I am.

I don’t necessarily make this mantra a part of my life on a regular basis. But I am for now. I’m such a sucker for delicious food around this time of the year. While most of my regular meals are relatively healthy, I sometimes don’t fight it and indulge in a goody that a coworker brings in. Or when I go to the family get togethers? There’s nothing healthy to be seen, and I find myself content in taking small servings I want, and I don’t ever go for seconds (too full anyway!).

I’m going in the right direction, but December is the month of the year that I struggle with the most in terms of working out. Its already dark, cold, and gloomy, and there’s a growing to do list. This year? Add the Stress of a NEW JOB and studying constantly for that. I’m afraid that I will let myself over do it. I need to really get serious about my fitness before I gain holiday pounds!

I have tweaked with my half marathon training schedule. The one I have been using is a 16 week program. And technically I wouldn’t have to start it until after the new year, as the race is in May…But I need something NOW to keep me on a fitness track. So I tweaked it. I am repeating the first couple of weeks (week 1 x 2, week 2 x 2, week 3 x 2, etc) to get my endurance back. So far so good. Then when January rolls through, I can push through and run the training as I’m meant to. Getting my lungs and form back have been a journey. One that I kept giving up on.

I just want to be back at the fitness level I was 7 years ago….the place I was at when I fractured my pelvis and was told “no running for at least a year!” I feel like for years I’ve been saying I want to get back there, but I haven’t pushed myself hard enough. I keep saying “I can’t.”

This time, I can. And I am.