The Perfect Form

I have been working hard at this running thing lately. Maybe not logging in a lot of miles or doing it every single day. But I’ve worked hard to get back into it the last month or so. I’ve hit a lot of trials and tribulations! Mostly with my shoes. OMG, MY SHOES. And for those of you who wondered what I ended up with? (They aren’t pretty!)

There you have it. The Brooks Dyad. They kind of look square if you were to look at them from the top. I took one look at them when the running store salesman had brought them…and was like, um, NO. They remind me of the shoes that one professor of mine used to wear with EVERYTHING.

She’d be wearing a dressy top and slacks…and those darn clunky (probably orthopedic) sporty shoes. But I tried on a lot of shoes. A TON. My feet were getting worse and worse because I assumed that I needed more cushioning. However, more cushioning, ESPECIALLY in the arch and heel area? Was making it worse for me. This shoe is relatively flat and is great for people who need inserts, actually. I don’t need inserts, so the flatness is perfect.

– – –

Anyway. Now that my shoe conundrum has been fixed…I need to focus on form. Oh, form….Thank goodness I worked with some awesome physical therapists! They have helped me really work hard on improving my posture. After years and years of sleeping primarily on my side, my right side, I had an issue with my right shoulder constantly being in the position of being rolled forward and down.

I guess you couldn’t really tell unless you LOOKED, but it was causing more of a problem than I realized. When one shoulder is not lined up right, your scapula (or shoulder blades) aren’t pulling in correctly, which leads to everything else not lining up. It’s even possible that my improper posture was causing a lot of my arm problems in the end. At any rate, I ended up calling on my PT’s to look at me because of a lot of back pain I was experiencing.

Since becoming more aware of my posture, I’m noticing how much my running form is starting to improve.In fact, tonight, I felt even more aware than I have ever been about what my body was doing as a whole. And I got through WITHOUT my inhaler (I had forgotten it). I felt amazing after I was through with it. I felt like I WORKED but didn’t feel worn out. AH, awesome. 🙂

I feel like I’m finally on the right track! WOOT!