A new phase…

You guys have no clue how much better I feel about my career. Yesterday was my very last day at my old job. I was sad, because there are a lot of people there that I love and care about. We mostly have worked very well together and everyone jokingly teased about how they are pretty mad at me for leaving. The manager of our inpatient program, shook my hand firmly and in short told me how he really thought I’d do well in the new location, the manager there is incredible and again, I’m going to do really well. He is one that I really wish WAS my manager, but alas he is not.

(To explain that, he USED to be the manager over the employees as well at inpatient. He is a contracted employee. I’m not sure when the chain of command got changed. But our manager is the director therapy services (inpatient and outpatient). Our manager, the one I had some trust issues with, is mostly housed at outpatient, which is frustrating in and of itself. She was never at inpatient and when the manager there at outpatient would say anything to her about problems going on at inpatient, he’d get chewed out. I digress…I really wish he was the manager. He’s a much better people person).

I got a million hugs. I didn’t get to hug everyone I wanted to, as I kind of left quiet. I didn’t really want to make a big todo about it, you know? I was leaving for weird reasons. In fact, depending on who was asking me why I was leaving, I gave different reasons. Most people understand why I was going. I didn’t even say goodbye to my mentor. Nope. She ticked me off for one last time yesterday.

At around 2:45pm, I let her know I was going to be popping into see an acute patient and then I was headed out. For one, we were mostly caught up with our patients in inpatient and it was my last day. No reason to stay until 5pm. She said ok. Well, while I was over there, she came to see me and asked me to finish up the rest of the time with her patient…who still needed 45 minutes of treatment. GAH. I pretty much said no. I was planning on getting to the walk in clinic because I had been having continuing dizziness since our weird virus last weekend (ear infection woot!). I’m not sure where she was when I was ready to leave. I didn’t really care. I almost expected her to text me later on. She didn’t.