It’s no surprise…

I can’t even tell you what a whirlwind I have been through the last few weeks. Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? It all started at work. Wait. Who am I kidding? This whole story is work related!

I have never hated my job. Not for one moment. But there were certainly days that made it unbearable. I am well aware that we all have unbearable days, as well as unbearable coworkers. But these were different than anything in my past.

I work with mostly awesome individuals. Hardworking, smart, the perfect team. But again, there is always one coworker that ruins things. And because I’m not one to name names, I obviously won’t. Let’s just say it was a she. A super psychotic micromanager to be exact. Don’t get me wrong. She is smart. But she’s annoying.

(I know that this is all vague but I never like getting too detailed anymore on my blog in regards to work matters. I just don’t want to end up “dooced” at any point.)

A few weeks back after feeling frustrated I had a chance to apply for a different job. I was asked to interview for said job. I got an offer from this job. And because I like my job…I said no. Then things blew up at work one week later. Something snapped in many of us. Two of us were called in to talk to our manager. Including myself…and I was finally given the opportunity to be honest. To say how I felt about certain situations. So I opened up to the manager that I felt like I could trust. I had never had any reason to not trust her.

Until it became very obvious that there was a hint of favoritism happening. I was told, essentially, that I may be the one who is wrong. That my character was in question and I had to write an apology to the coworker that really should have been writing one to me.

I went one whole week. Then I couldn’t take it one more second. The stress. The horribly sickening feeling always brewing in my stomach. I wasn’t sleeping well. And this coworker? I couldn’t stand to even look at her or listen to her backhanded jokes. After one particularly sleepless night last Wednesday…I emailed my recruiter first thing Thursday morning, expressing my regret for turning down that job so quickly.

In the end? I am taking a new road….towards a new job. And the only person who hasn’t asked why…or told me that they will miss me? That coworker. I’m not surprised….