A rather random update on my life as of late:

1. I broke up with my scale. After having a rough couple of weeks that made me feel as though I should chuck it out the window… I’ve put it away for now. I have a bad emotional connection/relationship with scales. In the past, no joke, Dan has thrown them way. He was sick of my meltdowns. After a mini one last night, I immediately put it in a closet. Yes, this means I will have to quit the Shrinkvivor challenge. And I’m ok with that.

2. Dan and I have made a new commitment to running. He will be running a marathon in May and I’m running a half the same day. Freakinh cool, right?

3. I’ve gotten into some deep discussions recently. On some subjects that people are very very passionate about. I never should have opened my mouth. Things like vaccinations. And whether or not to get them. And the sources people are getting their “research” from. As someone who is in a medical field and have been educated on the proper way to do medical research (frankly its not that hard to pick up on, I just have had it pounded into my head) I believe it is important to get your information from the right sources.

Peer reviewed journals for instance. Not just from some article that Joe Schmoe wrote. So find out the date it was written, where it was published, the statistical significance of the findings, etc. how many people were a part of that study? You must read closely because an author can also sway your opinion — watch out for biases!!