Naggy, Health Crazed Wife

Or at least I feel crazy and naggy….

Look, Dan has a family history of type 2 diabetes and at his last health check up, his doctor told him that his blood sugar placed him at risk for pre-diabetes. Dan has, over the years, also had some difficulty in the weight loss department. He was once 25 pound(or more) heavier than he is today. But he’s also been 25 pounds less than where he is today. Back just before we met, when he was active with running, skiing, biking, and eating right.

Since we met, we’ve both put on the pounds, to be perfectly honest. We go on these health kicks for about a week and fall of the wagon. But at one point, I said enough is enough, and at least for myself, I buckled in hard. HARD. I went from 160 to 135 pounds. It was not an easy battle. Especially because I was mostly alone. And as of late, I had made a few health mistakes and gained a few pounds back and I’m trying to really change things beyond belief. I’m really proud of my changes, but I’ll get to that another time.

Dan eats what I feed him for dinner, which I try to make healthy, but I can’t keep tabs on what he eats for breakfast and lunch. I guess I haven’t really wanted to — it seems to be a bit much. But he recently told me that he wants to work hard again (in fact, someone is outside jogging right now). It just doesn’t seem like he’s truly into it. He hasn’t lost any weight (in fact, may have gained), barely exercises unless I pick on him or ask him to go to the gym with me. He eats healthy at dinner still, but will eat snacks in the evening.

My last straw? We keep track of our blood sugar (me, because I have low blood sugar and Dan because of the high blood pressure situation)….and one morning, I took our fasting sugar before we ate breakfast. Mine? 68 (it shouldn’t be any lower than 70). His? 115. (shouldn’t be any higher than 99). Ok, neither of our’s was way out there in either direction, but they are still out of range. And if his were only 2 points, then whatever, but 15 is a bigger difference.

At any rate, I feel kinda sorta worthless right now. I feel like he doesn’t understand the reason I want him to eat healthy and exercise. I tell him, so that’s not what’s missing…I just feel like he dismisses it. I love him and want to keep him around as long as possible. I don’t want him to feel like I’m picking on his weight…I want him to know I’m picking on him so that I can keep him.

What more, if anything, can I say or do??