A new challenge!

Shrinking Jeans has a new challenge going that I knew I just had to do. I didn’t take the last challenge very seriously this summer. Ok, I didn’t take it seriously at ALL. I didn’t have a very interactive team, or at least, they didn’t interact a lot with me….and with a low motivation level, I needed extra motivation. Which I didn’t get. Not from them, and not from my husband. Not to mention that I was still physically getting used to work. Just in the last few weeks, I got used to that!

Starting Weight: 138.2 lbs

I’m really not happy with this number. I was down as low as 133 and was happy there. But I also go lazy tracking my food intake. And got lazy with exercise. Then I used a lot excuses — my exercise induced asthma…and the fact that I didn’t like using my inhaler. Then my arm DID flare up again, annoyingly.

So I used that as an excuse but I’ve been slowly learning ways to exercise around that (for patients I see at work)…so I knew that if I made my patients do something…that I should stop making excuses for myself. So this was the week my beating up on myself started. 🙂 Ok, not really being mean to myself. But working out when I didn’t feel like it. Or giving up pop. SO TOUGH. :p

Wish me luck.