Stay Tuned!

Life has been a bit stressful. With work. With life. My marriage. My job.

Nothing is in bad shape. Just a lot going on.

And I keep forgetting I have a blog. I want to blog…because I have a million different ideas floating around. So I know I’m not done with this (I have gone back and forth about giving this up for a long time).

I just needed a break. Like the other millions of breaks I have taken over the last year.

But gosh. I was looking over some of my own little self pics from the last few months. And I feel confident. And I feel like I finally LOOK like the confident adult that I have always desired to be. I’m not stuck in a job…in a career…that I absolutely hate. I’m healthier, for the most part, than I have been in a long time (thanks to watching what I eat, and avoiding the pesky food allergen — except for this past week, on accident, but I’m not going there just yet). I just need to get back into exercise.

At any rate, I need to get back to a lot of things and I think I’m going to be focusing on incorporating my blog into that. My health and fitness goals. I’m not really trying to lose weight (a few pounds won’t hurt, as I’m on the high end of my goal range right now, lol), but just focusing on getting sick less often and just making the sacrifice with food. Maybe always avoiding eating out unless I know 100% that my kryptonite isn’t in it.

I can’t wait to get you all involved in my life changes….Stay tuned!