If I could redo it all….

I recently was asked by a dear friend of mine, to be in her wedding. I can not WAIT. And now all I’ve been thinking about is wedding stuff. Mostly the fashion, as the rest of it, such as decorations and cake? Boring and exhausting. At least, it was for me when I did all of that stuff nearly 2 years ago (October 2 will be our second anniversary!!). And I rekindled my love for things like Pinterest and Polyvore…..

I reinvented what I should have worn for my wedding…. We had a very romantic wedding. Pale pink roses, the girls wore chocolate with rose colored sashes, lots of rose petals. Looking back now, I wish I had gone for a more poofy, romantic wedding dress. I already had the pinkish makeup and shoes (but I like these shoes better than what I went with)…. But the dress? While I loved my dress then, I actually don’t like it looking back. Is that terrible to wish I had gone a different direction with that??