Back Breaker

I would like to know why lately my back has been killing me. I know that I’m still getting used to being on my feet all day. And I KNOW that I’m still getting used to lifting people and supporting people a lot heavier than I am. I try to be as ergonomic as possible. I have been this physical before, as well, in one of my internships — and my body was tired at time but never sore and painful.

After bending over at some point yesterday, I got increasingly sore. To the point I just wanted to CRY last night. Laid on a heating pad for a while, slapped on an Icy Hot patch, then went to bed. Thank GOODNESS, I have already been seeing someone for clinical massage to help ease some pressure that has been building on my shoulders and neck. My lumbar/lower back area is a mess.

I can stand up straight. I can sit up straight. But getting to one or the other? I have to do some weird old lady knee bend maneuver. Well, I did. Saw my massage therapist today(by the way, before you think I go crazy indulging in some exorbitant service — because they are a clinical massage therapist, they charge very decently. VERY.

Otherwise I wouldn’t do it. For people who have chronic issues who have to go regularly? The price is even lower. It feels like stealing. And they are the only massage business in this county that has this awesome rate schedule). And I’m still sore, but much less tight.

At any rate, I’m wondering if my lack of exercise (I’m a slacker) these days has my back at risk for feeling terrible? Is this possible? It has to be, as I tell patients daily that exercise is important for back pain or preventing it from getting worse. I wonder why I don’t seem to take my own advice?