Power of 1 Challenge: Begins Today!

A new challenge is beginning today. And with this one? I have to be accountable to myself. MYSELF. It’s so much easier to be accountable for others! But now I have to answer to myself when I don’t reach the goals that I had set.

At any rate, when I had last ended my last challenge I was only 3 pounds from my goal weight. I don’t know what happened. Ok, I know what happened. Christmas cookies. Nothing major happened. I’d say that I’m about 5-6 pounds away though from my goal weight. So…2-3 pounds up in just a couple of weeks. Because I got LAZY. But at least not terribly so — someone else reminded me yesterday that the average person gains 11 pounds from Thanksgiving to the end of the year. Gross.  So yeah. I am just fine.

I HAD wanted to set my goal weight back a little bit, though. By a few more pounds. My final goal is 125. I was going to leave it at 130-135, as that was my original goal. But I’m still totally untoned…if I tone up the way I want to, I shouldn’t have any problems with reaching 125.

I’m at 135 today. I hvae 8 weeks to go. Let’s see what happens!?

My healthy challenge goals…and for 2011:

  • Drinking water and a lot of it — at least 64 oz daily. I have enjoyed a lot of soda this past week…and not much water.
  • Hit the gym no less than 4 days a week. NO LESS.
  • Run at LEAST 2 5K races this year – 1 in the spring and 1 in the fall — but I need to try for one in between.
  • Log in my food intake daily (at least week days!)
  • Do not let stress dictate what I eat — as in, don’t let a stressful day make me stop at the store for ice cream. Or chips.