On south beach in leland…

This week, Dan and I headed up North for a night away. For our anniversary. We were a couple of weeks early, but our anniversary falls the same week that I start internships, so we didn’t want to deal with going away at that time.

We went wine tasting. We had an amazing amount of amazing food (more on that later!). We enjoyed driving around and enjoying the amazing scenery around.

But mostly we enjoyed each other. Enjoyed each others company. Enjoyed conversations about what life will finally be like when I’m done with my school obligations. We had a long conversation about when to start a family (I’m not going to advertise that on here, because I don’t want people to know when we start trying for a family — I have a lot of friends online and offline who have dealt with infertility….And what if I end up being on of them?? My biggest fear is people asking me if we’re still trying, are we pregnant yet?? IT’S NO ONE’S BUSINESS. I digress…).

It’s nice that we had this little bit of time to just relax and get our focus together. We have 6 months until my internships are done. And then life can begin.

I love Dan so much — this time away was a nice confirmation for me of WHY I love him the way I do. Every day life sometimes makes you get all annoyed at each other. Forget why you’re together in the first place.