Someone’s at the vet today!

As much as we needed to get it done, I really hated taking Vienna in to get spayed this morning. Seriously. This morning started off BAD. I open the door to let the dogs out, so we could get into the car. This is something I do often. All the time. They run back towards the garage. It’s that simple.

However, today, Vienna must have gotten the message that we were going for a WALK instead, because she BOLTS out the door, down the driveway, and down the street. MOTHER OF GOD. I’m running, screeching at her to come back and she’s all jolly running! Ike is just sauntering after me (oh, Lord, how could I forget he was behind me…). Anyway, so I finally get her, she’s shaking like a leaf because she can tell I’m, I don’t know…PISSED OFF. We all get in the car, go for a nice drive to the vet’s.

I was already nervous seeing as how we recently changed vets. A good friend of mine recommended them to me. So we’re going from our fancy vet (that overcharges us for everything) to a nice, country vet (the place is very nice, but SOOO small compared to what we were used to) that will charge us nearly half of what we were paying.

I know, we shouldn’t switch vet’s on the basis of charge, but our old vet was clearly charging us for their nearly BRAND NEW facilities, if you ask me. I have a problem with that. I care about paying for quality care…but I don’t care to pay for a new building. Uncool.

You know how I knew for sure we were doing the right thing by switching? I go there to get Ike’s records, to tell them we’re switching vets yesterday. And she was like ok! Printed everything off, told me that she would removed us from his reminder mailings and if we changed our minds just let us know! WTF? We have been taking Ike to the same vet for 7 years. 7 EFFING YEARS. No questions on why we were leaving.

No thanking us for the 7 years of business. Just “Here’s your record! BYE!” I was shaking my head in disgust when I left. THAT’S what happens when you get a new building, become overly busy, and just start caring less. Not blaming the vets — I’m blaming the front desk idiots, mostly….

ANYWAY, I digress….

SO we get to the vet, Ike comes inside with me (we have to get him looked at for possible allergies/hot spot situation so I thought I’d bring him in to schedule the appointment for this afternoon) and Vienna. Bad idea, because he was distracting her like crazy. She wouldn’t go on the scale. She didn’t want to come to the tech, she was stuck to me like glue. I felt bad when the vet tech took her from my arms. Her little tongue was sticking out and she was whining intensely.

I dropped her off at 8am. And can’t get her until almost 5pm. It’s going to be torture to take Ike in to his appointment at 4:40 and still have to wait to get her! I’m sure she’ll get through ok. But remember, I’ve only dealt with male dogs who have had to get neutered. Never a female! I’m SO NERVOUS.