True confessions tuesday

I almost never write confessions for Shrinking Jeans, but why not today? Not all of the confessions involve fitness or weight loss, so I guess that’s why I’m hard-pressed to give them the shout-out….or write this entry at all. But I’m beginning to fade fast in life…..

  • I’ve slacked off majorly in my studies for my internships. I begin then in 2 months now and I’m FREAKING OUT because I’ve not studied as often as I’d like.
  • I joined the gym last Thursday and have only gone once. Mostly because my sinuses are being a bitch and I feel like crap. I don’t know WHY they are being a bitch, but it probably has to do with something I ate.
  • Speaking of things I eat….I’ve not eaten well in the past couple of weeks. Fritz passed away, so I ate lots of fast food. My throat has been hurting, so I’ve eaten a lot of ice cream. My father in law’s birthday was this past weekend and so I drank a lot of alcohol, all of which are full of a crazy amount of calories.
  • I am addicted to television. Gah.
  • I got all of my blog moved over here to this new domain and I feel like I don’t even care to keep it up. It’s exhausting.