No more getting pork(ed) on Mondays

So I don’t think I could ever truly become a full-time vegetarian as I love meat too much (hello steak and chicken and shrimp!) but since late last year, I have been trying to eat more vegetarian meal choices as much as possible. One of my biggest moves towards this endeavor was going Meatless on Mondays. With the exception of one Monday where I ate a BLT (dang it bacon craving!), I have successfully gone three months without any meat on Mondays.

However, I’m getting bored with finding good meals to eat on this day. Since I know a lot of you ladies (and gents) are fabulous vegetarians, I’m hoping for suggestions as to some of your favorite breakfasts, lunches, dinner and snacks. Please share all the wonderful vegetarian (and possibly vegan) meals you make. Thank-you in advance 🙂