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Map of Jeffreys;95kJeffreys Ledge is a long, winding, relatively shallow area which stretches from the coast of Rockport, Massachusetts to just southeast of Cape Elizabeth, Maine. The Ledge is a 33-mile glacial deposit which is highly productive for marine life. The shallowness of the Ledge, surrounded by deeper ocean waters, creates an upwelling, making it a very productive, and important, marine habitat.

In addition to the Ledge itself, the surrounding deeper waters are also unusually rich. Because the bottom in the area is so complex, there are many small shallow areas, which create similar, more localized effects.

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As important as Jeffreys Ledge is, it has minimal protection. In 1992, when Stellwagen Bank was designated as a National Marine Sanctuary, the southeastern third of the Ledge was included in the Stellwagen Bank Sanctuary boundaries. Starting in late 1998, the Sanctuary is officially reviewing and revising its formal Management Plan, including the boundaries. The Whale Center Of New England has proposed expanding the boundary to include all of the Ledge.

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